Chef in Restaurant garnishing vegetable dish

“Kzenon” as a business is more than just one artist but a team. And it is growing. Thus we are constantly looking for talent. If you want to join: just drop us an Email!

Currently open:

Booker / Producer

Location: Sofia

We are looking for a booker / producer in Sofia, Bulgaria. Your job will be to

  • scout and book locations,
  • scout and book models,
  • prepare photo shoots,
  • handle the organisational part of such shoots.

The job can be done part time or full time.



Location: Sofia, Jakarta, Munich, Berlin

We are always looking for models. And you do not have to be a model to be a model. You may be young or old or male or female or something in between: as long as you like conceptual shoots we would be happy to discuss jobs with you.



Location: Sofia

We are looking for people to work on the database magic and shovel our microstock pictures into the agencies. It is possible to work anything from a few hours a week to full time. If you are pondering this job offer you should be able to safely use a computer and have good English skills.