Life beyond Stock Photography

28. März 2013


Is there life beyond stock photography? And if so, is it worth living? Stock certainly has a lot of advantages. It pays bills. It is fun to do. It is creative. It earns money even when you do other things. But then: it can also be a bit boring. The type of photography one is   …Continue Reading

The Microstock Industry in 2011, Pt. 3: The Agency Side


In the second part of this article we looked a bit at the challenges contributors face regarding the microstock industry today. Let us discuss the agency side in this third part. What you notice first if you look at the agencies: there are many of them. Not as many as contributors of course, but nevertheless   …Continue Reading

  • Attending the Microstock Expo in Berlin 28.03.2013

    I will definitely be at the Microstock Expo in Berlin in November. Great chance to meet and talk and drink way too much coffee. Will you be there? Just drop me a line!

  • Relaunch 24.03.2013

    Codewarrior Matze is working on the new webdesign for - new look and improved capabilities. Watch out for the new stuff. Get your kicks at


The Microstock Industry in 2011, Pt. 2: The contributor side

In the first part of this article we looked a bit at “what you see” in the microstock industry today. But what does all this mean? There are, depending on your function and position in the market, different answers. Let us have a look at the contributor side first. For them there are numerous implications.   …Continue Reading


The Microstock Industry in 2011, Pt. 1: Analysis

If you are a microstock contributor, a fellow photographer or simply following the discussions in the respective web forums you might have noticed the complaints about falling RPI’s (Return per Image), growing competition, and generally the industry going downhill. The consensus seems to be that things were much better in the past. Is there something   …Continue Reading


Why shooting in a Disco Club is great

When shooting standard situation you typically do standard things. More craft than art. Skills and equipment are there so you simply use them in the fashion you are comfortable with and you know that works. Therefore, to not get too boring, it is a splendid idea to do not so standard things in photography from   …Continue Reading


On the importance of a backup camera

there are situations that are unique. There are shootings that were difficult and expensive to set up. In such situations it is rather disturbing if your gear lets you down. Last weekend we staged a wedding (nobody was harmed). Logistics for such an undertaking is complicated, the mood is delicate and the whole thing wastes   …Continue Reading


Portugal calling

Last October the kuhl crowd and I packed our stuff and drove (me) or flew (them) to Portugal’s amazing Algarve Coast to do a lot of stock photo shootings. I absolutely liked the mix of work and play (all work and no play makes Kzenon a dull boy): a nice old fashioned shoot on the   …Continue Reading


How Adobe (nearly) prevented me from buying Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3

I just bought a new Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 online on the Adobe site. Heaven prevents that I ever have to do this again. I had one of the worst possible customer experiences possible. I felt so much like 1996. Running a monopoly for too long has obviously dampened Adobe’s need to deliver, well,   …Continue Reading



It’s summer here. Finally. Kind of. That has, of course, a lot of disadvantages such as unbearable heat (we had close to 16 degrees today), sunburn (shone nearly one hour today) and general dryness (only 45 hours of rain in the last three days – the plants are suffering!). Then, on the other hand, there   …Continue Reading


Some private observations regarding the commercial real estate crisis

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is – ironically – a real estate lawyer in America. We had a video call on Skype and he was doing some contract work sitting on the porch of his beach home. He is planning to abandon his office downtown soon –   …Continue Reading

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